Awards Roundup: April 15-27, 2009
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1) Awards

Chicago Film Festival Hugo Television Awards
Best Documentary--Gold Hugo: Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery (Dirs.: Jon Alpert, Matthew O’Neill/Downtown Community Television)

Documentary: Arts / Humanities--Silver Plaque: The Last 79 Hours of Chen Jian (Phoenix Satellite Television Co. Ltd)
Certificate of Merit: Arena: The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector (Dir. Vikram Jayanti; BBC Arena)
Certificate of Merit: The Promise of Music (Dit.: Enrique Sanchez Lansch; Deutsche Welle DW-TV)

Documentary: History/Biography--Silver Hugo: Calavera Highway (Dir.: Renee Tajima-Pena)
Gold Plaque: Puyi--The Last Emperor of China (Wildfilm Australia)
Gold Plaque: Photographs of Nagasaki (NHK/Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Gold Plaque: Lost Bones: In Search of Sitting Bull’s Grave (Dir.: John Barnard; Micro Bus Pictures)
Silver Plaque: The Powder and the Glory (Dirs./Prods.: Ann Carol Grossman, Arnie Reisman; Powderglory Productions LLC)
Certificate of Merit: Arena: The Hunt for Moby Dick (Dir.: Adam Low; Lone Star Productions)
Certificate of Merit: Benazir and Democracy (Prod.: Farah Jamaluddin; Samaa TV)
Certificate of Merit: Paper Dolls--Australian Pinups of World War 2 (Dir.: Angela Buckingham; Marina Films Pty. Ltd.)

Documentary: Science/Nature
Certificate of Merit: The Musical Brain (Dir.: Christina Pochmursky; Matter of Fact Media Inc.)
Certificate of Merit: A Rain Story (NHK/Japan Broadcasting Corp.)

Documentary: Social/Political
Silver Hugo: At the Death House Door (Dirs.: Steve James, Peter Gilbert; Kartmequin Films)
Gold Plaque: Controlling the Discourse: The “Putin Empire” and the Media (NHK/ Japan Broadcasting Corp.)
Certificate of Merit: Out and Proud in Chicago (Co-Prods.: Daniel Andries, Alexandra Silets; WTTW Channel 11)
Certificate of Merit: Fixing My Brain (Dir.: Christina Pochmursky; Matter of Fact Media Inc.)

Educational/Documentary Series
Silver Hugo: Wide Angle (Exec. Prod.: Steven Segaller; Thirteen/ WNET)

Maine Film Academy Get Reel Award: Louise Rosen

Tribeca All Access Awards
Documentary Section Prize: George Reyes (La Muneca Fea (The Ugly Doll))
Honorable Mention: Stephen Maing (High Tech, Low Life)

Webby Awards--Nominees
Documentary: Individual Episode:
Intended Consequences (Dir.: Jonathan Torgovnik; Prod.: Chad A. Stevens; Media Storm):
Kenya: Sweet Home Obama (Reporter: Edwin Okong'o; Prod.: Josiah Hooper; Frontline/World):
Rape in a Lawless Land (Dir.: John Domokos; Prod.: Michael Tait; Corr.: Leah Chishugi;
Searching for the Snow Leopard (Dir./DP: Steve Winter; National Geographic):
Sri Lanka: A Terrorist in the Family (Dir.: Beate Arnestad; prod.: Morton Daae; Frontline/World):

Documentary: Series
Making of Mad Men Online Production--Inside Mad Men (AMC Digital):
MiniMovies (Submarine Channel):
The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936 (US Holocaust Museum):
Uncertain Industry: The Decline of Manufacturing in New York City (Dir.: Daniel Ross/ (Dir./Prod.: Lauria Udesky/ CVS Caremark): http://www.yourhealthconnection.c...

Movies and Film:
Coraline Website (Weiden + Kennedy):
IFC (The Independent Film Channel):
P.O.V./American Documentary, Inc.:
Pangea Day/The TED Prize:
Sundance Channel:

2) Festivals

Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival
Al Jazeera Golden Award--Long Film: Bilal (Dir.: Sourav Sarang)
Al Jazeera Golden Award--Medium Film: Eya Naxi People (Dir.: Gyoyao Wu)
Al Jazeera Golden Award--Short Film: Finding Home (Dir.: Christopher Daley)
Best Short Film on Freedom: Behind the Wheel of Life (Dir.: Sahar Salahshour)
Best Medium Film on Freedom: Flip the Coin--The Bitter Taste of Tea (Dirs.: Tom Heinemann, Erling Borgen)
Best Long Film on Freedom: New Muslim Cool (Dir.: Jennifer Taylor)
Best Short Film on Palestinian Issues: The Music Says (Dir.: Elyes Baccar)
Best Medium Film on Palestinian Issues: Inshallah Beijing (Dir.: Luca Cusani)
Best Long Film on Palestinian Issues: The Catastrophe (Dir.: Rawan Al Damim)
Special Jury Award--Short Film: Nonsense (Dir.: Mohamed Said Mahfouz)
Special Jury Award--Medium Film:; A Beautiful Tragedy (Dir.: David Kinsella)
Special Jury Award--Long Film:The Tango of My Life (Dir.: Heman Beion)

Malaga Spanish Film Festival
Best Documentary Feature: El Circulo (Dirs.: Jose Pedro Charlo, Aldo Garay)
Documentary Special Jury Prize: Juan y Medio (Dirs.: Constanze Witt, Birgit Vogt)

Nashville Film Festival
Best Feature Documentary: Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Intimacies (Dir.: Yulene Olaizola)
Honorable Mention: Pressure Cooker (Dirs.: Mark Becker, Jennifer Grausman)
Special Jury Prize for Bravery in Storytelling: Prodigal Sons (Dir.: Kimberly Reed)
Best Short Documentary: Witness--From the Balcony of Room 306 (Dir.: Adam Petrofsky)
Honorable Mention: Slaves (Dir.: David Aronowitsch)
Audience Award—Best Feature Documentary: Rock Prophecies (Dir.: John Chester)
REEL Current Award: Garbage Dreams (Dir.: Mai Iskander)
Impact of Music Award: Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love (Dir.: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi)
NPT Human Spirit Award: Crude (Dir.: Joe Berlinger)
Best Feature-Length Film Directed by a Woman: Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Intimacies (Dir.: Yulene Olaizola)

New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
Best Feature: Independent America: Rising from Ruins (Dir.: Hanson Hosein)

Pilsen Finale Festival
Best Documentary:  RAPublic (Dir.: Pavel Abraham)
Special Mention: Window an Eye of Heart, Into an Eye Window of, a Soul (Dir.: Dominik Krutsky)

Vedere la Scienza Festival
Best Documentary: BLAST! (Dir./Prod.: Paul Devlin)
Best Documentary-Science Museums/Science Centres/Scietific Institutes/research Centers: Space Transportation: An ATV Perspective(Dir.: Massimo Sabbatini/Erasmus Centre)
Best Video for Web/Web TV/Videophones: The Good Heart Attack (Dirs.: Uli Hesse, Dr. Sean Davidson)

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