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The fourth edition of EcoVision Festival, will take place from 5 to 10 of June 2008 in Palermo, Italy.
This year, the topic of the festival: "the environment", seen from all its facets. The aim of the festival is to intensify and promote the cinematographic and documentary production having as topics the relationship man-environment, the safeguard of the territory, the human rights, the felling of forests, the relationships with the city and new technologies, the radioactive tests in the several worlds’area, the eco-sustainable development, how the concept of environment in rich countries differs from that belonging to poor countries, but also mere descriptions of meaningful environmental areas, and all the productions concerning any aspect of environment and nature.
Works from any country, realized from 2006 to 2008, can take part in the EcoVision Festival 2008, having as topic the object of the Festival: the “environment”, considered both as natural and cultural environment, with all questions correlated with them.
The Festival will consider as a preferential title, the unpublished films presented.

It is possible to download the new regulations and the entry form in the Download section in the menu. Please send all the indispensable materials, as indicated in the regulations.

Address: For more information you can contact: EcoVision c/o DoC Via Francesco Bentivegna, 55/57 90139 PALERMO Tel. +39/091/33256 Fax +39/091/324397 E-Mail Headship: danieleottobre@ecovisionfestival.com E-Mail Secretary: irenechiazzese@ecovisionfestival.co
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