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The Making of a King

Nicole Miyahara
Nicole Miyahara, Niccole Osborn

The Making of a King, is a feature length documentary that explores the relatively unknown subculture of drag kings in Los Angeles during the height of queen popularity. These entertainers are fighting for equality within their own drag community. Chest binding, bald caps or wigs, application of facial hair, and detailed cosmetic contouring complete the elaborate pre-show transformation to create characters ranging from the boy next door to fantastical creatures. Inspired by Hollywood, their hand-made costumes are camera-ready down to the very last rhinestone.

This film explores the experiences drag kings face as they navigate their way through the difficulties of show business and their daily lives. They are far and few between and a small group of these artists believe they have right to equal pay and equal showtime. This is the promising underdog story of drag kings looking to carve out a space for themselves where they reimagine the inclusiveness of drag culture and the greater LGBTQ community. Through deeply honest interviews and engaging performances, the kings reveal the journey of expressing identity through performance, what masculinity means to them, and what it will take for drag kings to be part of mainstream pop culture.

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