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Kristen Irving-Jordan
Julian Cautherley, Robin Voss, Olivia Klaus

Americans are struggling to reconcile today’s heightened political, religious, and social hostilities. Most aren’t aware that the US is nearing the climax of a half-century-long culture war, one that started with the strategic formation of the religious right and its subsequent pro-life movement. The consequences of this religious and political marriage—fear, division, hate, and even violence—are intensifying at shocking rates. Nowhere are the repercussions felt more deeply than at the nexus of women’s reproductive health and foster care.

It’s been widely accepted that in response to Roe v. Wade, morally outraged religious conservatives mobilized to defend the unborn. But the true narrative is less understood and far less moralistic. This covert campaign set in motion a paradigm shift in American politics and religion that is fueling today’s massive polarization. It’s a divisive climate that distracts from the true victims of the anti-abortion crusade: the abandoned children in our foster care system. Buying into a philosophy that more so resembles pro-birth than pro-life, we have unintentionally forced children into foster care due to the lack of familial, church, political, and societal support needed by mothers and families. Most of those children end up homeless or in prison within a short time of aging out of the system.

The goal is not to make another film about abortion, but rather, to unify viewers around what it means to be a defender of all life, instead of perpetuating the never-ending debate over what a woman should or shouldn’t do with her pregnancy. Feature-length documentary PRO-LIFETIME reveals the true origins of the pro-life movement, challenging defenders of unborn life to be as concerned with those already living, starting with foster youth.

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