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Adrian Bracken
Marbella Spain
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Title/Occupation:  Producer 
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian/White
Citizenship: UK
Languages Spoken: English French Spanish German

Brief Message to Members: Recently (2008) formed production company in Marbella Spain specialising in High Definition Documentaries. Marbella Productions has full writing, research, production and editing facilities.
Biography: Adrian Bracken was classically trained as an actor at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in the late 1960's and has worked extensively in TV and Radio in the intervening years. Adrian also ran a series of Electrical companies, concentrating on Sales and Marketing, so later in life (59) he can now get down to what he really wanted to do -Make films! The advantage of years in business and television means he brings business skills to the new company, so Budgeting , Insurance Marketing and Legals are second nature to him. Adrian owns Marbella Productions - based in Marbella, Spain, and works with industry professionals here and in UK to produce High Quality Documentaries, mainly with a Historical slant. Adrian usually writes his own programmes, is able to present and produce. Currently (2009) he is working on a documentary of Brendan Bracken -Sir Winston Churchill's Wartime Minister of Information, an Irishman from Staunch Republican stock who became the quinticential Englishman, and finished as Lord Bracken -no less!! This will be completed in November 2009. In addition Adrian knows what a Film, TV company or Photographer wants, and is able to bring both business and production skills to helping other producers if they choose to film in Southern Spain.