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N. Dadabhoy
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Title/Occupation:  Cinematographer  Director  Editor 
Services Provided:  None 
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Gujarati


Nausheen Dadabhoy received her BA in Film and Video Production from the California State University of Long Beach, and her MFA in Cinematography from The American Film Institute. From her experiences as a Pakistani-American, Nausheen's goal in filmmaking is twofold: to make films that highlight the everyday struggles of Muslim people, and to expose western audiences to Pakistani and Islamic culture. In 2005 Nausheen began shooting a documentary about victims of the October 8, 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. The resulting film, “The Ground Beneath Their Feet,” earned her a grant from The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and is currently in post-production (

While in Pakistan Nausheen shot the Pakistan segment of Michael Apted's ( “7 Up” series, “The World is Not Enough,” and HBO’s “Rome”) documentary "The Power of The Game," Nausheen also worked on a documentary about notable Hollywood legends including, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, and Arthur Hiller, among others ,which recently completed principal photography. Nausheen is currently working as the cinematographer on the documentary, "I Don't Look Blind," about a man living with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic eye disease which has been causing him to slowly go blind his whole life.

In addition to her documentary work Nausheen has worked as a cinematographer on numerous narrative films, music videos and commercials. Her experience with different formats ranges from Super 16mm, 35mm, and digital. She is currently a fellow in Film Independent’s talent development program Project:Involve for 2010/2011. You can view her cinematography reel at