Lourdes Portillo

Career Achievement Award

Abigail Disney

Amicus Award

Yance Ford

Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award

Courage Under Fire Award

Over the years, IDA presents a Courage Under Fire Award to a documentarian for "displaying conspicuous bravery in pursuit of the truth". We recognize that both filmmakers and their subjects often take incredible personal risks to bring us essential stories. This year the traumatic conflict in Syria which has been documented by several teams of extraordinarily brave filmmakers, and in light of their contributions to the documentary field IDA has decided to honor four filmmaking teams along with the subjects of their films for bringing us the stories of the Syrian war.

The filmmaking teams and the subjects who are being honored with the 2017 IDA Courage Under Fire Awards are: "Cries from Syria", "Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS", "Last Men in Aleppo", and "City of Ghosts". Their brave filmmaking and journalism along with the courage of those who shared their stories in these films shed light on a conflict that touches all of humanity.

City of Ghosts

Cries From Syria

Hell On Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS

Last Men In Aleppo