September 8, 2014

Lisa Kirk Colburn Challenge Grant Secured!

We're thrilled to report that the International Documentary Association's mid-year fundraising appeal was a roaring success! IDA Board member and accomplished documentarian Lisa Kirk Colburn challenged the IDA's community of members and friends to cumulatively donate $5,000, which she pledged to match 2-to-1 with her personal contribution of up to $10,000.

The response has been phenomenal. We've received gifts from across the IDA Family—from longstanding members and new friends; filmmakers, industry professionals and documentary film lovers; and current and former IDA Board members. Top contributors include Joe Berlinger, Gloria Brandes, Nick Brandestini, Meryl Comer, Virginia Mancini, Frank Marshall, Tom Miller, Ted Mundorff, Bob Niemack and Ann Hassett, and Jessica and Allan Tudzin.

Our Mid-Year Appeal has brought in nearly $6,500 (and counting), ensuring we receive the maximum benefit of Lisa's pledge. These funds will provide much-needed support for the IDA's core programs, including Doc U and Documentary magazine.

Thank you, thank you, thank youto Lisa, for her extraordinary pledge, and to everyone who helped make this fundraising initiative a home run.