August 25, 2020

Meet IDA's New Associate Communications Manager

Welcome our newest staff member, Sally Márquez! Sally joins Susan Yin and Rounak Maiti in the Communications team as Associate Communications Manager, connecting IDA with the global documentary community through digital content, social media, newsletters and more. Learn a little bit about her here and keep an eye out for IDA correspondence from her!

What were you up to before joining IDA?

I’m a lifelong Angeleno and have lived all around Los Angeles. I’ve worked in communications for over six years at museums and arts and culture, advocacy, and health care organizations. At a previous museum job, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of joining fieldwork at a dinosaur dig site, and even did some fossil excavating myself. I’m looking forward to the new experiences I’ll gain at IDA!

What's one documentary that you think everyone should watch?

If you’ve found yourself asking “How did we get here?” when reading the news, HyperNormalisation (2016), by Adam Curtis, explores the roots of our present-day uncertainty and confusion through archival footage and compelling arguments for how we’ve arrived in a “post-truth” world.

What part of working at IDA are you most excited for?

I’ve been an avid consumer of documentaries from a young age, so I’m really looking forward to upcoming screenings, as well as the digital Getting Real conference. I’m also thrilled to begin strategizing ways to help amplify IDA’s mission and presence in order to reach the diverse documentary community!

What do you think is most important for us to do to help documentaries thrive and grow today?

The documentary community must work to cultivate new and diverse voices, and break down barriers of funding and lack of accessibility. There is a new moment in storytelling happening, and the documentary community is posed to be at the forefront with the work of emerging voices. 

Rounak Maiti is a researcher, artist and Digital Communications Coordinator at IDA.