April 1, 1997

Short Takes, April 1997


The 11th Annual Awards for the American Society of Cinematographers, held on February 27th, saw IDA represented by Executive Director Betsy McLane, President David Haugland, Special Projects Coordinator Grace Ouchida, and magazine editor Timothy J. Lyons; they joined the over 1,300 guests in marveling at the exquisite selection and editing of clips for the Film Tributes executed by former IDA president Harrison Engle. The Award of Merit was presented to American Movie Classics; a Tribute to Jordan Croneweth, ASC; International Award to French cinematographer Raoul Coutard; Board of Governors Award to director Robelt Wise; ASC President's Award to actor Robelt Duvall; and Lifetime Achievement Award to Owen Roizman, ASC.

Guilds Nominate Outstanding Documentaries

The Writers Guild of America (WGA), the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the American Cinema Editors (ACE) announced the nominees for their respective awards. The WGA Award nominees in the Documentary—Current Events category include Nancy Linde for NOVA: Bombing of America; Marshall Frady and Mark Zwonitzer for FRONTLINE: The Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson; and Lori A. Bores for Judgment at Midnight. The nominees in the Documentary—Other Than Current Events include Ben Loeterman for FRONTLINE: Angel on Death Row; Robert M. Lipsyte for Idols of the Game: Inventing the All-American; Chana Gazit for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Chicago 1968; Susan Kim for Paving the Way; Thomas Lennon and Richard Ben Cramer for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: The Battle over Citizen Kane; and John Goff and Thomas Wagner for Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval.

The DGA nominees for best documentary director include Leon Gast for When We Were Kings; Al Pacino for Looking for Richard; new IDA members Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky for Paradise Lost; IDA Award winners Jeanne Jordan and Steven Ascher for Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern; and Isaac Mizrahi for Slaughter, the Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.

Looking for Richard also received an Eddie Award nomination from ACE; Pasquale Buba, ACE, William A. Anderson and Ned Bastille edited the film. Rounding out the Eddie Award nominees are Barry D. Nye, ACE, and David Hughes for Feast of the Crocodiles; and Paul Seydor for the Academy Award®-nominated The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage.

Motion Picture Academy Continues Rules Reform for Documentaries

On the eve of the Academy Award® nominations, the Academy announced further guideline revisions in the documentary category that will take effect next year. The most important changes include a six-month window between an entrant's qualifying theatrical run and any broadcast of the film on television or cable. In addition, film pro­ducers will be required to notify the Academy of the time and place of the qualifying theatrical run prior to its commencement. These revisions continue the spirit of reform that has prevailed in the post­ Hoop Dreams stürm und drang of two years ago. Last year, the Academy eliminated film festivals as a qualifying medium for con­sideration and stipulated that entrants must screen their films for at least seven days during the qualifying period in a theater in either Manhattan or Los Angeles County. Commenting on the latter revi­sion when it was first announced two years ago, Academy Executive Director Bruce Davis stated that "it should eliminate the phenomenon... of pictures achieving eligibility for both Emmys® and Oscars®." This year, Documentary Screening Committee Chair Walter Shenson noted that "large numbers of films produced by cable companies are barely sticking a qualifying toe into theatrical waters before beginning their television lives."

Archive Films Adds New Collections

Archive Films recently signed on to represent The Monitor Channel collection, which complements Archive 's vast trove of his­tory with news footage from the years 1985-1992, a period that includes the Tiananmen Square massacre, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War and more. The Monitor Channel is owned by the Christian Science Publishing Society. Additional collections for which Archive Films will serve as agent include The New York Times photo library, the entire negative archive from Reuters, the photo archive of The Sporting News, and the photo collection of the leg­endary jazz magazine Metronome.

IDA Administrative Coordinator Tom G.
A Note from Executive Director Betsy A. McLane:

Virtually everyone who has had contact with the IDA during the past five years has had the pleasure of interacting with our Administrative Coordinator, Tom Gianakopoulos. Tom and I walked in the door of IDA together. He was my student at Emerson College, and I was deeply impressed by his talent, his intellect and his humor. Little did I know that these qualities, along with a tremendous generosity of heart and spirit, would often be the salvation of my well-being, as well as that of the IDA itself. Together, Tom and I shared the many trials and tribulations—and the occasional triumphs—of running IDA. Often only the two of us kept things going. Tom accomplished literally tens of thousands of meaningful things for IDA, with kindness, quick wit and a rare understanding of human nature. He has now left IDA to pursue a career in graphics and advertising. Already he is missed, but it would be selfish not to applaud his progress; Tom's talents far out­ strip the role of Administrative Coordinator. There will be no new Administrative Coordinator; rather we are realigning job descriptions and will announce new roles in the next ID. As we make this transition, Tom will continue as part of our family (look for him at the Academy Awards® Party and DocuDay). Always, he deserves the respect and the friendship of the documentary community, and always he will have a place dear to my heart.


Florence Haley, widow of actor Jack Haley and mother of long­ time IDA Trustee Jack Haley, Jr., died of natural causes on December 30, 1996, at her home in Beverly Hills. Mrs. Haley, born Florence McFadden, began her acting career in the Ziegfeld Follies and later partnered with her husband in the hit vaudeville act Haley & McFadden. In addition to her son, she is survived by a daughter, Gloria, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.