October 1, 1995

Short Takes, October 1995

1995 IDA Award Nominees Named

From some 250 entries, two nominations committees cochaired by IDA board members Lisa Leeman and Nicholas Clapp have selected 20 feature-length and five short documentaries as nominees for the I995 IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards. From these nominees, the 1995 Blue Ribbon Panel will choose four feature-length films and one short to receive awards at the 11th Annual lDA Awards Gala on Friday, October 27, and all five winning films will be screened on Saturday, October 28, at an all-day DocuFest.

The feature nominees are Marlon T. Riggs’ Black is ...Black Ain't, coproduced by Nicole Atkinson and codirected by Christiane Badgley; A Brush with Life, produced by Glen Salzman and directed by Salzman and Martin Duckworth; Crumb, produced by Lynne O'Donnell and Terry Zwigoff and directed by Zwigoff; The Devil Never Sleeps, produced and directed by Lourdes Portillo and coproduced by Michelle Vallelores; Drawn from Memory, produced by Ron Diamond and directed by Paul Fierlinger; Eternity, produced by Susan MacKinnon and directed by Lawrence Johnston; FDR, produced and directed by David Grubin; Frank and Ollie, produced by Kuniko Okubo and Theodore Thomas and directed by Thomas; Gang War: Bangin' in Little Rock, an American Undercover produced by Daphne Pinkerson and directed by Marc Levin; Halving the Bones produced and directed by Ruth Ozeki Lounsbury; Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, produced by Freida Lee Mock and Terry Sanders and directed by Mock; Moon Shot, produced by Turner Original Productions and directed by Kirk Workinger; Ms. Conceptions, produced by Ric Esther Bienstock and Linda Frum and directed by Bienstock; Mustang: The HIdden Kingdom, executive produced by Tim Cowling, produced by Vanessa S. Boyce, and directed by Tony Miller; One Survivor Remembers produced by Kary Antholis; The People’s Plague: Tuberculosis in America, produced and directed by Diane Garey and Lawrence R. Hott ; The Plutonium Circus, produced by George Ratliff and Judd Metni and directed by Ratliff; School Colors, produced by Stephen Olsson, Scott Andrews, and Inez Odom and directed by Andrews; She Lives to Ride, produced and directed by Alice Stone; and Who is the Monster—You or Me?, produced by Peter Schamoni and David A. Hess and directed by Schamoni. The IDA Awards Features Nominating Committee, coordinated by Tricia Good, included Rick Caine, Bette Cohen, Michael Jones, Susan Marcinkus, Aimee Nolan, Judy Pansullo, Mindy Pomper, Karin Stellwagen, Keith Sauter, and Greg Tillman.

The nominees for best documentary short are 89mm from Europe, produced by W. Szczudko, J. Skalkowski, Z. Domagalski, and P. Sliwinski and directed by Marcel Lozinski; Image Union—Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy, produced and direct­ed by Ellen Bruno; Picasso Would Have Made a Glorious Waiter, produced by Adam Schell and directed by Jonathan Schell; Sankofa Dance Theater: A Portrait, produced and directed by James Barto-lomeo; and School of the Americas/Assassins, produced and directed by Robert Richter. The IDA Awards Shorts Nominating Committee, coordinated by Bert Atkinson, included Katie Cadigan, Rosanne Ehrlich, Mimi Freedman, Mike Gannon, Athena Kashyap, Lauren Malkasian, Keith Sauter, and Suja Vijayan.

The 11th Annual IDA Awards Gala will honor not only the five finalists, but also filmmaker Marcel Ophulus, who will receive this year's Career Achievement Award; Roger Mayer, who has earned the Preservation and Scholarship Award; and the winner of the IDA/David L. Wolper Student Documentary Achievement Award (see below). Gala chair is IDA First Vice President Ann Hassett. The IDA Awards are made possible by the generous support of Eastman Kodak. 

1995 IDA Wolper Merit Winners Chosen

The IDA David L. Wolper Student Documentary Achievement Award is a $1,000 cash prize presented annually to recognize exceptional achievement in nonfiction film and video at the university level. It also includes a $1,000 certificate from Eastman Kodak good toward the purchase of Kodak film.

This year's Merit Winners, who are eligible for the grand prize, are Animal Crackers, by Joshua Chaiton (York University, Toronto); Black Like Who?, by Debbie Reynolds and Martin Gonzalez (USC); Bookends, by Elizabeth Thompson (Stanford University); Brothers, by Jeffrey Reyna (UCLA); Dennis Woodruff in Hollywood, by Frederic Cassidy (UCLA); Out of My Mind, by Katie Cadigan (Stanford University); Stolen Days, by David Hamlin (USC); Stone Dance, by Peter Brown and Russell Matthews (USC); Their Own Vietnam, by Nancy D. Kates (Stanford); and Unarmed Commitment, by Cort Worthington (Stanford). An overall winner will be chosen and honored at the 1995 IDA Awards Gala on October 27 and will be screened along with the five IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award winners at the day-long DocuFest on October 28.

The Wolper Nominating Committee, chaired by IDA board member Rich Samuels, included Sven Berkemeier, Manny Madla, Gina Kwon, and Robert Richards.

Discounts for IDA Members

Hi-Tech Rentals in Burbank, CA, is offering IDA members a 15 percent discount on all videotape recorders, monitors, cameras, lights, and accessories in stock at the time of rental. Formats include D2, Betacam SP, S-VHS, 3/4" SP, and Hi8. Hi-Tech also features the latest Betacam SP UVW 100 camcorder. Hi-Tech 's rental manager, Eric Acevedo, has been serving independent documentarians for nearly a decade. For information and to reserve equipment, contact Acevedo at (800) 954-3000 or (818) 848-1010. Hi­ Tech Rentals is located at 2907 W. Olive, Burbank , CA 91505.

NEH Changes Deadline

The October 1995 and March 1996 application deadlines for Humanities Projects in Media, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, have been canceled. Instead, the program will have only one deadline: January 12, 1996. This will be for all application categories—planning, scripting, and produc­tion. 

UFVA Announces Festival Winners

The University Film and Video Association recently announced the winners for its 1995 Student Film and Video Festival. The winners for documentary film were: First Place, You Don't Know Trudy Lyscher, by Johannes Kley from Hochschule Konrad Wolf (Germany); Second Place, Zeuf, by Charlotte Lagarde from Stanford; and Third Place, Pepino Mango Nance, by Bann Roy and Gillian Goslinga from USC.