Submit Your Film to DocuClub

For many, DocuClub is the first opportunity for a filmmaker to share their work-in-progress in an intimate setting with a general audience at a critical moment in their process. Select filmmakers are paired with seasoned story/editing consultants to help them integrate audience feedback into their film. Due to the ongoing limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to monitor public health and safety guidelines to determine whether these screenings and discussions will take place in person or virtually. The virtual screenings will be held on the Eventive platform, and feedback discussions will take place in a Zoom meeting immediately following screenings.

Applicant Eligibility

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

  • The applicant must be an independent producer and/or director of the original project. For the purposes of this program, an independent filmmaker is a content creator who both owns the copyright of their work and has full artistic, budgetary, and editorial control of the documentary project. Documentaries being produced for or under the direction of a third party, such as a broadcast entity, university, foundation or nonprofit organization (excluding a fiscal sponsor) are ineligible.

  • If applying for Hawaiʻi region (in partnership with Hawaiʻi Women in Filmmaking), applicant must self-identify as a woman or gender-nonconforming person. If applying for Midwest region (in partnership with Sisters in Cinema), applicant must self-identify as a Black woman or gender-nonconforming person.

Project Eligibility

  • The project must be in post-production at the late rough or fine cut stage at the time of the screening—almost finished but with room for changes based on feedback. The project cannot be picture locked.

  • Accepted documentary formats:

    • Short: any length up to 40 minutes. Depending on the run time, the project may be presented with another short or series.

    • Feature: only up to 90 minutes of the project will be screened.

    • Series: at least one episode must be screened, with a maximum total run time of 90 minutes. Depending on the run time, the project may be presented with another short or series.

  • The project must have a direct connection to the region you apply for - either a key creative team member (Director, Producer, Editor) must reside in that region OR the film takes place in that region. Selected Director/Producer/Editor must attend the screening. Currently, we are accepting submissions from:

    • Hawai'i

    • Gulf South

  • Student films are ineligible.

To Apply

Submissions are accepted year-round, on a rolling basis.

  1. Click on the application portal. You will be asked to register with Submittable if you do not already have an account, which involves entering contact information and choosing a username and password.

  2. Fill out our brief online application. You can save it and return to it as often as needed until you are ready to submit.

  3. Applicants must submit a link to a streaming version of the most recent cut of the current project you are applying with. A Short can be any length up to 40 minutes. A Feature must be a range between 40 and 90 minutes (even if the full length of the project is longer than 90 minutes). A Series can include one or more episodes, with a total length up to 90 minutes. Submit the sample that you feel best represents your project at its current in-progress phase. We cannot accept previous work samples or trailers.