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The Hunter Legacy

Hunter Sykes
Hunter Sykes

While many visitors to Africa feel like they've stepped into the past, conservationist and safari guide Alex Hunter is acutely aware of how much has changed on this iconic land, most notably the impact that humans have had on the wildlife and ecosystems.

Alex sees only a shadow of the Africa that his grandfather knew. As a prominent guide and renowned white hunter, J.A. Hunter led some of the world’s richest and well-known people on hunting safaris during the early 20th century, and J.A. himself held several world records for his sheer number of Big Game kills.

Based today at Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy—home to the world’s last wild Northern White Rhinos and several dozen critically-endangered Black Rhinos—Alex still struggles with his family's legacy of trophy hunting. This documentary will illuminate the conservation work that Alex and others are performing in Kenya today, and Alex hopes the film will spur action to help curtail the ongoing loss of African species, wildlife habitat, and fragile ecosystems.

What makes this film unique is Alex's familial link to Kenya's past, which will be highlighted through original 1930s video footage of J.A. Hunter leading Big Game hunting safaris, journal entries from clients on that same safari, and his numerous books about life as a hunter and guide in Africa.

Through captivating cinematography and storytelling, including glimpses into a bygone era, this one family demonstrates the many challenges facing African wildlife in the twenty-first century.

Our message is clear: now is the time to act if we are to ensure that future generations can experience these magnificent animals that teeter on the brink of extinction.

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