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The Hunter Legacy

Hunter Sykes
Hunter Sykes

Never do the past and the present stand in greater contrast than on the fields of the Serengeti. While many visitors feel like a trip to Tanzania and Kenya is a window into the past, two families are acutely aware of all that has changed on this iconic landscape, including the toll that humans have caused on wildlife populations.

In 1937, the family of filmmaker and environmentalist Hunter Sykes made the arduous journey to Africa to hunt for trophies. Renowned big game hunter J.A. Hunter, the grandfather of safari guide and conservationist Alex Hunter, led their expedition in Tanzania. What makes this safari and its participants unique are the detailed journal entries and hours of film footage captured by family members, and the legacy left behind to be shouldered by their descendants.

Eighty years after their ancestors' first meeting, Hunter and Alex unite to retrace the 1937 safari. Together, they hope to spur action on present day issues by contrasting the Tanzania of 1937 to that of 2017. Through captivating cinematography and storytelling, including glimpses into a bygone era, five generations of two hunting families can illuminate the challenges facing African wildlife and cultures in the twenty first century.

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