Another Kind of Soul: A Coleman Family Legacy

  • Sam Pollard, Director
  • Ray Foley, Director
  • George Coleman, Producer

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About the Project

The Coleman family, brought together by a shared passion for Jazz, forged a legacy, which survived the same elements of unity, dissonance and harmony that permeate the music they create. Join, acclaimed jazz drummer George Coleman, Jr. as he takes you on a journey through his family's early roots in Jazz, to its later dissolution by fame, and its eventual reunion, led by the music that started it all -- Jazz. Gloria Coleman, celebrated Jazz organist, singer, composer and mother, was an associate of the legendary Billie Holiday and is recognized as one of the great pioneering female jazz artists. Gloria's life embodies the struggle of professional women who must balance career achievement and family responsibility. Her relationship with world famous tenor saxophonist George Coleman, an alumnus of the illustrious Miles Davis Quintet, began when they were both young musicians honing their crafts in the New York City jazz scene of the 1950's. The narrative will chronicle their monumental musical careers, their love affair, their separation and difficult divorce, and culminate with their musical reunion as loving friends performing in concert with their son.