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Back To the Shadows: A C.I.A. Officer's Story

Jill Bozhkov, Billy D. Marchese
Lydia Ash, Jill Bozhkov, Billy D. Marchese, Lisa Tauscher

Back to the Shadows: A CIA officer's Story is the story of Richard (Dick) Holm, one of the CIA's most well-respected and highly-decorated officers. Dick Holm built a career on knowing his country's enemies. He didn't simply know who they were; he grew to know them intimately. He dined with them and met their families. As an officer in the CIA's National Clandestine Services, that was his job.His career began with a plane crash in the Congo that left him immobilized and blind. Despite his injuries, Dick went on to achieve legendary status within the Agency. He served under 13 directors on 5 continents over the course of 35 years. Forming the agency's Counter Terrorism Center and providing crucial operations management in the capture and arrest of Carlos the Jackal are just a few of his accomplishments. Dick believes that preserving classified information is paramount to a successful operation but asks the question - should secrets remain undisclosed to the public? How does transparency affect our National Security in the 21st Century?In 2014, Dick will go back to the Congolese jungle to thank the villagers who saved his life. Along the way, he'll tell us about his life, family and career inside the CIA.

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