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Baltimore in Black and White

Mary Posatko & Emily Topper
Mary Posatko & Emily Topper

West Baltimore, 1972: a father of thirteen is shot point blank on his way to a community meeting. Three boys are arrested, but acquitted. The victim's family flees to California for 40 years, until a crisis forces them back to Baltimore on a desperate and redemptive search for the boys - now men. Exploring the painful legacies of "blockbusting," white flight and American race relations - as well as the hopeful theme of restorative justice - MURDER IN THE VILLAGE is both the story of a family and the story of our country. It's message: only face-to-face can the past be repaired.

Shot over two years in Baltimore, Maryland, the film features Governor William Donald Schaefer in one of his final interviews, Kurt Schmoke, Ed Orser, Antiono Pietila, Clarence Mitchell IV, along with dozens of Baltimore educators, lawyers, luminaries, cops and community members. It is executive produced by Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger of Bona Fide (Crumb, Little Miss Sunshine, Cold Mountain, I am Trying to Break Your Heart) and was invited to participate in IFP's Spotlight on Documentaries in 2010.

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