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Baptizing Feminism

Kathy Barbini
Kathy Barbini, Simon Weinberg

Baptizing Feminism is a feature length documentary about the intersection of Christianity and feminism, and the passionate individuals leading a movement opposing religious patriarchy, the oppression of women, and the beliefs of influential Christian leaders advocating male-only leadership in the church, family and society.

During a time when both secular and Christian women's voices continue to rise demanding equality, the right to their bodies, and against violence of women and girls, Baptizing Feminism profiles an unlikely mix of pro-life conservative evangelicals and Catholics, and pro-choice liberal Christians and Catholics standing alongside secular feminists challenging the voices of opposition – many leaders of the Religious Right aiming to enforce, lobby for, teach and practice male hierarchy at home, church, and for some within society and politics. Alongside, millennial Christian feminists rise, part of a growing flock leaving the Christian church.

Diverging beliefs about the meaning of a handful of Bible verses relating to women's roles and God's design for womanhood and manhood stand at the heart of this age-old debate raging for centuries. While some today manage a respectful dialog of differences, a heated conflict rages on social networks, blogs and at women's rights rallies.

Baptizing Feminism brings viewers into the heart of this epic conflict where Christians in worldwide church share their passion, faith and commitment to differing theological beliefs that fundamentally shape women's roles in the church, families, culture, and politics in our world today.

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