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Bending the Arc

Nicole Lucas Haimes
David Niles White

Bending The Arc, an independent documentary, tells the extraordinary and little known story of the invention of desktop publishing.Imagine a world with nearly no personal computers. A world where the tools of mass communications were in the hands of an exclusive few and individuals faced a high bar to have their voices heard.In 1984 four innovators came together--Steve Jobs, Jonathan Seybold, Paul Brainerd and John Warnock--each having pursued their own individual dream at significant personal risk. At the intersection of publishing and the nascent world of computers they found kismet. Together they created desktop publishing, an innovation that launched a global revolution which dramatically changed the lives of people worldwide.Bending The Arc is the definitive examination of the advent of desktop publishing told by the visionaries directly involved in its creation. Weaving together first-person interviews, rarely seen archival materials and state of the art visual effects, the documentary unfolds freshly and dramatically through the eyes and recollections of those who lived it.

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