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Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front

Sandy Northrop
Sandy Northrop, Todd DePastino

At 23, Sgt. Bill Mauldin returned from WWII a millionaire and the youngest Pulitzer Prize winner in history. It was only the beginning of an extraordinary career that would make him legend of American cartooning. Driven by genius, a love of adventure, and a devotion to his motto, “If It’s Big, Hit It,” Mauldin overcame a poverty-stricken childhood and lack of formal education to win success in several fields beyond cartooning. He went to Hollywood, he ran for Congress, but it was his sketchbook that drew him back to America’s battlefronts, from Korea and Vietnam to Birmingham and Selma. He won a second Pulitzer, but never fully escaped from the shadows of his iconic WWII dogfaces, Willie & Joe. “Did I create them or did they create me?” he complained. BILL MAULDIN A LIFE UP FRONT explores Mauldin's final battle: to extend his legend beyond Willie & Joe.

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