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Breaking the Silence

Shea Dietz
Danielle Chapleau, Shea Dietz, James Egan, Kevin Halladay-Glynn

Breaking the Silence is a student-created documentary following the lives of 4 LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual) high school students of varying ages struggling with different aspects of high school. The problems these students are experiencing because of their sexuality extend into physical abuse, sexual harassment, rejection from family, friends, and society, and suicidal issues. But the one thing they all experience that is common to nearly every high school student is figuring out who they are.

The documentary team is following these students for 5 months to experience their lives day in and day out to find the root issue where LGBT discrimination lies. The purpose of this film is not to expose certain individuals or institutions of insensitivity, but to make it known and show that discrimination is happening in high schools everywhere at unprecedented levels. The film is here to inspire change in the cultures of high schools across the country and to love and honor the LGBT community

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