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California's Forgotten Children

Melody C. Miller
Melody C. Miller

Child slavery is not something we think of as being close to home. In the United States alone, over thousands of children are being enslaved and sold for sex. These children are sold an average of 15 times a day, 6 days a week, totaling 14,040 sex acts a year--generating a $9.8 billion industry. Child trafficking and exploitation is the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world today. California is one of the biggest hotspots for domestic and international human trafficking because of its large population, international borders, large economy, extensive ports, and metropolitan regions.

California's Forgotten Children' is a feature documentary about child sex trafficking in California. The film follows on true stories of youth who were commercially sexually exploited and are now survivors and brave leaders, fighting for the rights of victims worldwide. This is not just a documentary this is a movement.

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