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Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile (Flamenco: la tierra está viva)

Eve A. Ma, Antonio de la Malena
Eve A. Ma

"Flamenco:  la tierra está viva (Flamenco:  the Land Is Still Fertile)" looks at that passionate art form, flamenco, and shows how traditional flamenco is in peril of disappearing.   It is rapidly being replaced by flamenco fusion, and most people don't even know the difference.

Shooting our documentary in Spain (in Spanish with English subtitles), we show the audience what the original, the true, flamenco really is and make it clear that this is a powerful and important art form - one worth understanding and saving.  

Directed by Eve A. Ma and internationally touring gitano (Spanish Gypsy) flamenco singer Antonio de la Malena, the documentary uses famous professionals as well as people from the community to make its points.  We are treated to plenty of performance, fascinating interviews and pithy commentary.  In the process, we learn a great deal not only about flamenco but also about gitanos, a community that has contributed so much to the development and preservation the art form.

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