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The Lost Picture Show

Jenn Jennings
Jenn Jennings

THE LOST PICTURE SHOW is a witty, nostalgic, passionate and rousing guide to the seismic changes taking place behind the scenes of one of our most iconic national industries and leisure pursuits: the movies. Revealing how major studios and financial institutions are using "inside job" schemes and strong arming strategies to rollout a mass conversion to digital projection for massive profit and market monopoly, THE LOST PICTURE SHOW is part investigative survey, part activist wake up call.

A whole cultural legacy is at stake: in the words of one theatre operator: "Throughout their history small-town theatres have faced an uphill battle, but digital cinema may prove to be the final defeat." THE LOST PICTURE SHOW champions a fast-growing movement to resist the threat of an impending multiplex monoculture. Smaller independent theatres are cherished, and local communities will go to extraordinary lengths to save them.

This is the very film to unite movie lovers nationwide, old and young, in small towns and big cities, in the common goal of preserving our intimate relationship with the silver screen, from children's matinees to the classics: the fight to conserve the traditional movie going experience so many of us hold dear has only just begun.