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Nathaniel Kahn
Jennifer Stockman, Debi Wisch, &Carla Solomon

For the Love Of Art (working title) is a feature-length documentary now in production that will present a dynamic, compelling, and entertaining vision of the art world-focusing especially on artists and their art. The artists will come from varied backgrounds and levels of market success. Ultimately, we seek to celebrate the act of art making as a fundamental human activity, aspiration, and need. Correspondingly, access to art is an essential component of a healthy society. Additionally, we wish to illustrate that the greatness and true value of a work of art is not necessarily connected with its monetary value or currency in the marketplace. We are casting this film as a mainstream theatrical product with strong television appeal because we believe this will allow the broadest possible audiences to have access to these crucial points of view. We are committed to sparking a much-needed conversation and debate about the role of art in contemporary society for audiences of all ages, races, genders, orientations and socio-economic backgrounds. The film seeks above all to foster a dialogue about how art, artists and the art market impact on each other in today's world- an essential conversation for everyone, from young people just beginning to be exposed to the visual arts to aspiring artists as they carve their own paths, to mid-career artists practicing in a very different market landscape than the one in which they came of professional age.

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