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Missing in Brooks County

Lisa Molomot, Jeff Bemiss
Lisa Molomot, Jeff Bemiss, Jacob Bricca

MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY is the portrait of a town in Texas that finds itself at the epicenter of a growing humanitarian crisis. As Central American refugees fleeing violence make their way around the Falfurrias border checkpoint, scores are dying of dehydration on vast private ranches during the scorching hot Texas summers. The town is ill–equipped to deal with the situation, and the U.S. government has no legal responsibility to help because Falfurrias is not in a border county.

In this feature documentary film, we meet the members of a town in crisis. Volunteers struggle to reunite the remains of the deceased migrants with their grieving families and set up water stations, as ranchers form paramilitary groups to patrol their property and take the water stations down. Town officials struggle to keep the peace, and everyone's conscience takes them in a different direction. Linking the stories are the unsolved cases of the fallen.

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