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In Organic We Trust

  • R. Kiplin Pastor, Director/Producer
  • Emma Fletcher, Producer

About the Project

Are people better off eating organic foods? Are organic farms better for the environment? Today, more than half of all Americans eat some type of organic food. Yet most people don't have a clue what organic means. It originated with a movement towards sustainable pastoral farming by replenishing the soil through a careful rotation of crops and other techniques. When "organic" became a brand, however, everything changed – the movement and the label grew apart. Demand grew too quickly to be supported by small local farming, and big corporations went into the business and as they did in manufacturing – they scaled up or out-sourced. This film will take a first-hand look into the organic food industry and explore its shortcomings. Even more importantly, it will examine paths towards a truly organic, self-sustaining agriculture system with local farmer's markets and urban farmers inspiring new solutions.