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Passport and Pallette

Brush with Life, Inc.
Brush with Life, Inc.

The new high-definition 13-part series Passport & Palette represents the next generation of art education on television and is presented to public television stations nationwide at no cost. Passport & Palette follows and documents - Master Artists on an Artistic Expedition of the World and invites viewers to see the world through the eyes of these acclaimed artists, including en plein air painter Kevin Macpherson, landscape and still life artist, Joe Anna Arnett, watercolor specialist, James Asher and outdoor painter, Kenn Backhaus. Cameras follow the artists as they travel to locations in France , Switzerland, Guatemala, Italy, Canada and the United States, select their painting subjects and create new works of art - landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Episodes include tips and insights about the choice of materials, composition, and methods of capturing light, motion and mood. Along the way, the artists discuss their unique approaches to their work, as well as their mental process, influences and style. Unlike other painting programs, Passport & Palette presents viewers with timeless principles of art using beautiful subjects and destinations to illustrate these ideas. Even those who do not paint will appreciate this classic and artistic way of seeing the world.