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Ride With Larry

Andrew Rubin, Ricardo Villarreal
Ricardo & Katie Villarreal, Matt & Andrew Rubin, Stephen Nemeth

Ride with Larry is an inspirational story that puts a human face on the day-to-day fight against Parkinson's disease through the life of Larry Smith, a retired police captain, now beloved small-town baker who has had Parkinson's for the last 20 years.

In the spring of 2011 Larry will bike across South Dakota with the support of his family and community, pushing his limits and expanding the boundary of possibilities for those with Parkinson's. Weaved amongst this journey will be an intimate portrait of Parkinson’s, illuminating the day-to-day fight of those diagnosed, their families, and caretakers. We will interview experts and find other compelling stories to make a film worthy of all those stigmatized or mired in the darkness of a disease without a cure. Larry and his wife Betty refuse to be defined by their diagnosis, proving that sometimes the best cure is living life to its fullest.

Coupled with the release of Ride with Larry will be a national awareness campaign to de-stigmatize this disease and empower all of those facing Parkinson's with the message and tools to keep your body active and mind positive.