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The Road Less Traveled By

  • A.J. Goodrich, Director/Producer
  • Mark Metivier, Producer
  • Satinder Kaur, Producer
  • John Conway, Producer

About the Project

"The Road Less Traveled By" is a feature documentary about a 3,600 mile, eight-month walk across America for gay rights, specifically same-sex marriage, and queer identity.  

What started as a journey with a grassroots political intent transformed into a deeply personal meditation on love and loss, friendship, and finding your footing in the world.  Along the way, the crew faced all kinds of obstacles, from blisters and heart attacks to floods and wildfires.  They also met amazing people with a variety of perspectives on life.  Ultimately, the film is about the importance of human connection, in spite of differences.

Editing is now complete - we're now raising finishing funds for the last stages of post-production, as well as festivals and distribution.  You can learn more about the film through our website, and make a tax deductible donation to our project through our page here, at the IDA.