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SALA: The Letter Carrier

Murray Nossel and Edward Marritz
Murray Nossel and Edward Marritz

Sixteen-year-old Sala volunteers to go to into a Nazi labor camp in place of her older sister. From this barbed wire prison she manages to exchange letters with her friends and family outside, touching only through words on a page.

Surviving the war, she holds her pages close to her, to remind her, to contain the memories she tries to forget. She shows them to no-one, not even her children, whom she wishes to protect from fear and hatred.

Fifty years later, the day before doctors operate on her heart, she gives her box of letters to her daughter, "Just in case I don't make it."

On one level, SALA: The Letter Carrier follows the journey of Sala's letters from a hidden box into public display. On another, it is the intimate, unfolding story of how she deals with the illness and death of her son.

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