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The Silk Railroad

Martin DiCicco
Martin DiCicco

A portrait of nations as neighbors and the trains both uniting and dividing its people.

Set amid the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railroad, this documentary film explores the region of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia and how a railroad intersects with disparate elements of life in the South Caucasus. Shot in the villages, labor camps and on the trains themselves, the film explores the impact of a railroad in the places that are both touched and untouched by it.

Hailed as a 'New Silk Road', the BTK Railroad is the first project in the global effort to link Beijing to Paris by rail. Promising to be a vital conduit between Europe and Asia, its route, to be shared by oil and passengers alike echoes the region's historic past, foreshadows its growing relevance and highlights the role of borders in shifting identities.

Along these tracks are those who will prosper, those left behind, and those riding through it all.