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Swing! - Alive & Kicking

Susan Glatzer
Susan Glatzer

Born out of the Great Depression, the very reason for swing existing is to elevate the human spirit beyond one's circumstances, to move to the beat for the sheer joy of it, to disappear into something bigger, something dazzling, a space without a critic or a judge or an analyst.No matter what troubles they are facing in their lives, swing dancers are filled with joy, exhilaration and even giddiness while they dance. Boiled down to its core, swing dancing is about the pursuit of happiness. Most people think of happiness as a passive emotion: if something good happens, I will be happy. But we all have the ability to feel joy despite the worst of circumstances once we realize that happiness exists inside of us.The film follows a handful of dancers at various levels of what is considered "professional" swing dancing as they compete and perform at some of the top events around the world. As we see their stories unfold, we explore larger themes about the swing culture and issues facing modern society.

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