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  • Marcelo Pontes and Flavia Fontes, Director
  • Living Arts Productions, Producer

About the Project

TALKING STICKS explores the vital role of mallet percussion today, and reveals how percussionists connect, collaborate and express their individuality and creativity using their "talking sticks" to reach others. With stunning, candid footage of unusual performances and thought-provoking interviews, world-renowned vibraphone and marimba artist Arthur Lipner takes us on a quest for purpose, meaning and creativity, pursuing the universal desire for personal expression and connection that all human beings share. From a Mexican Marimba museum to Ghana, Rio's Carnival to an ice xylophone in Norway... experience great music and important insights into the individuals' contributions to the enduring role of culture, art, and creativity today. Arthur's personal/professional struggles -- and joy -- in being an artist today make this inspiring documentary a fascinating glimpse into the world of music, artistry, and individuality. Share in the powerful impact of creativity and expression around the globe. Perhaps his is your journey as well?