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Throw: Catching the Real Africa

Benjamin VanderVeen
Sarah Schutzki, Aaron Jorbin, Daniel Rutz, Benjamin VanderVeen

What do we really know about the people of Africa, aside from the many struggles they face? How can we learn from them, and help the rest of the world understand what life is like on this terribly misunderstood and overlooked continent we know as "Africa"? Those are the questions that are at the root of "Throw: Catching the Real Africa". Throw will take a first-hand look at the people and cultures of seven often overlooked African nations. In order to break down boundaries and cultural barriers, we intend to use disc sports (Frisbee®) to meet all of our subjects. Broad in concept yet distinct in nature, "Throw: Catching the Real Africa" will start a conversation that goes beyond the status quo.