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Warren Pereira
Warren Pereira

A wild Tiger kills a man that enters his territory in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, India. The state government argues that this is the Tiger's fourth human kill, deem the Tiger a danger to human life, and put him in a zoo. This galvanizes massive social uproar.

Activists claim that the Tiger has been removed wrongfully, and in haste since all four attacks occurred within the Tiger's territory and it was never clear that T24 was the killer Tiger in each case. They take their cause to the streets and online, organizing various protests, social media groups, and even erecting billboards demanding the return of T24 to the wild. Two activists, Chandhrabhal Singh and Ajay Dubey, take an in-depth legal approach to fight for T-24’s return to the wild. They go as far as taking the case all the way to the Rajasthan High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

As of 2018, the Tiger - T24 - still remains in the zoo suffering from various health issues as activists continue to fight for his return to the wild.

The story of TIGER NUMBER 24 forces us to ask the tough question: Do wild Tigers still have a place in the world we live in today?

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