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Welcome to the Dream

Rat Skates
Rat Skates

"We want to be the biggest band in the world" is the battle cry from the young musicians in this film. When asked how they will do it, the overwhelming response: "We just copy what the bigger bands are doing".

Bigger bands...mostly broke and suicidal. Signing with a major label the goal, understanding the contract optional. Paying to play, at any price. Kids wait in line to follow; the media's amplification of glory and dismissal of reality creates a dangerous dream, and the nightmare of undefined stardom continues to crash and burn into the cemetery where Hendrix, Joplin, Cobain, Bonham and other gifted young artists now rest.

Afflicted with a stardom-obsessed diet and fed by the media controlled menu, the young artist races faster than ever to be seen though the window of disposable talent with reckless abandon. If fame and fortune is
"the dream", then why are Artists suicidal when they live it? Will the happiness machines of drugs and alcohol maintain eternal partnerships with the celebrity-addicted ego? Is art itself now a permanent tenant to the landlord of capital?

This film highlights a celebrity roster of "dream survivors", who shine the spotlight of reality away from the stage. Can they save their young followers from the dangers that await, or will the light at the end of the tunnel be just another train wreck?