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The World According to Hollywoodlawn

Michael Stabile
Michael Stabile, Jeffrey Schwarz

In 1962, Harold Azjenberg left Miami for New York City by bus. He plucked his eyebrows on the way, shaved his legs and -- in the words of the Lou Reed song that later cemented him in the cultural firmament, "then he was a she," Holly Woodlawn. Holly's walk on the wild side took her from the hustle of Times Square and the Stonewall riots to Max's Kansas City and Andy Warhol's legendary Factory.Today, the star of seminal 70s films like Trash and Women in Revolt lives a modest life in rent-subsidized housing in the shadow of the Hollywood hills. But Holly herself refuses to live in any one's shadow, least of all her own. Through the celebrity and poverty, addiction and reinvention, Holly remains an art-world fixture. "The World According to Holly" follows the Warhol Superstar as she narrates her incredible past and navigates between the dual realities of her current life: Medicaid and the Chateau Marmont, Two-buck Chuck and Art Basel Baccarat. What becomes a legend most? In Holly’s case, it's life itself.