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You See Me

Linda Brown
Linda Brown, Rebecca Louisell, James Crawford

When her father suffered a stroke in 2004, cinematographer Linda Brown picked up her camera to document his recovery. Long considered her father's favorite, she flies home to help her mother, deal with the physical and emotional demands of caregiving.After his death, Linda combs through family movies to make sense of a man whom she deeply loved, but also found difficult to love because of his physically abusive behavior. While chronicling her father's illness and the ramifications of his death, Linda finds a treasure in a family video that redeems her father, and allows her family to heal.YOU SEE ME explores the subjects of loss, grief, and self-identification and addresses a set of complex questions many Boomers - an estimated 90 million in the next 20 years-will face. How does seeing a parent age change our sense of self? How does our evolving identity alter the dynamics of our relationships with our family? What are the effects of a parent's death on us, especially when we have been the victims of their abuse? A moving family portrait YOU SEE ME is a testament to the power of forgiveness, to turn loss into an opportunity for insight and growth.