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The Best of 1994 February 1995

In this issue, we discuss what makes a documentary become the "best" of the year and how it affects the industry.

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  • A woman with a fair complexion and blonde hair looks at the camera, from Nick Broomfield's 'Tracking Down Maggie: The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Thatcher.'

    Festival Watch: Toronto International Film Festival

    "Hey, did you hear that Martin Scorsese is making...
  • A group of people overlook a colorful large-scale memorial quilt to pay homage to those who've died from AIDS, from 'Common Threads,' which won the 1989 Oscar over the better-known 'Roger and Me.'

    Making the Lists: The "Best" Documentaries of 1994

    Those of us who love the nonfiction film and have...
  • A black man wearing a hat poses next to the word infinity written in chalk.

    Talking Heads: Eternity's Lawrence Johnston and Susan MacKinnon

    Eternity . One day this single word mysteriously...