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Independent Distribution July / August 1998

In this issue, we take a look at recent experiences of five distributors who have marketed independent work in home video.

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  • A photo collage of stills from different documentaries.

    The Home Video Experiment: Case Studies of Five Independent Distributors

    In the mid-1980s, with the home video revolution...
  • The logo from the San Francisco International Film Festival.

    The 41st San Francisco International Film Festival, 1998

    Even though San Francisco makes no claim to...
  • A black-and-white photo of a man posed with a picture of himself, from 'When Billy Broke His Head... and Other Tales of Wonder'

    Case Study #1: Fanlight Productions

    Fanlight Productions has produced and distributed...
  • A black-and-white photo of a child from 'Wend Kuuni (God's Gift).'

    Case Study #2: California Newsreel

    California Newsreel, a media arts center and...
  • Four black-and-white headshots from '4 Little Girls.'

    Case Study #3: Direct Cinema Limited

    Direct Cinema Limited, founded in 1974 as an...
  • Two lesbians pose in a living room from 'Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives.'

    Case Study #4: Women Make Movies

    Women Make Movies (WMM) is a nonprofit media arts...
  • Four film stills from (Clockwise, top-left): 'Russian Women, Bliss, The Bells from Chernobyl' and 'Experimentum Crucis'

    On the Legacies of Communism: New Documentaries from Central and Eastern Europe

    The aftermath of the American Civil War was the...
  • A man wearing a flannel and cowboy hat from 'Woodsmen and River Drivers.'

    Case Study #5: Northeast Historic Film

    The co-founders of Northeast Historic Film (NHF)...