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Keeping the Real in Reality June 2003

How close is too close? In this issue, we explore the ethical questions of social documentaries and discuss the filmmaker-subject relationship

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  • Confronting a Global Pandemic: An Examination of the Causes, Cultures and Conditions that Define AIDS

    On Rory Kennedy's 'Pandemic: Facing AIDS'
  • Nowhere in Africa? Ouagadougou Is the Cannes of the Dark Continent

    It is one of the largest film festivals in Africa...
  • Film still from 'Balseros.', featuring a group of people on a small make-shift raft at sea.

    How Close Is Too Close? A Consideration of the Filmmaker-Subject Relationship

    On Monday, November 16, filmmaker Renee Tajima-...
  • And Now, A Word About Sponsors: Taking the Corporate Route to Funding Your Project

    " It is difficult to produce a television...
  • Resisting Arrest: Reporting Professionals on the Street Have a Right to Be There

    In April 2002, I was videotaping an animal rights...
  • Wolper's Golden Years Now Archived: USC's New Center for the Study of Documentary Honors Producer

    "If this piece of film dies, a human thought dies...
  • Cutting-Edge Images of the 21st Century: Thessaloniki Doc Fest Focuses on Palestine, Oppression of Women

    Offering a full ten-day program of high-quality...
  • Cinequest Corrals Maverick Filmmakers

    Film critic and author Chris Gore named Cinequest...