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Hybrid, Avant-Garde and Experimental Forms June 2004

In this issue, we look at the new forms of documentary in this vast cyberverse of the third millennium.

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  • Breaking More Than The Waves: Dogme Meets Documentary in 'The Five Obstructions'

    The Five Obstructions turns the concept of...
  • Singing the Body Eclectic: Simon Pummell Discusses the Diverse Imagery of His Mesmerizing New Documentary

    On Simon Pummell's 'Bodysong'
  • From Caroll Parrott Blue's DVD-ROM, website and book 'The Dawn at My Back: Memoirs of a BlackTexas Upbringing-An lnteractive Cultural History', created with Kristy H. A. Kang and The Labyrinth Project. Photo: The Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California

    Redefining the Documentary: Experimental Forms Explore New Territory

    Amalgam , combination , composite and compound...
  • Hybrid Reality: When Documentary and Fiction Breed to Create a Better Truth

    What is a documentary film but the search for a...
  • Re-enact Naturally: New Docs Are Recasting the Old Practice of Dramatization

    Documentary filmmakers have been blowing smoke—...
  • A Historical Perspective: History Channel Series Focuses on the Facts Behind Fictional Feature Films

    It's time to take Understanding Media (1964) and...
  • The Challenges of 'Empire' Building: East Meets West in New Historical Miniseries

    On the making of the PBS production 'Japan:...
  • Africa Unite! PAFF Mainstreams the Black Experience

    Ayuko Babu's passion for international cinema...