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Documentary Production Training March 2003

In this issue, we look at education: a revised, updated and condensed version of the Guide to Documentary Programs—this time focusing on adult and continuing education programs.

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  • Craft Conquers Commerce in Swiss Documentary Class

    A few years ago, in an attempt to escape the...
  • It's Not Too Late to Go to Film School: A Post-Graduate Guide to Documentary Production Training

    Editor's Note: This is a condensed, revised and...
  • Docs Without Borders: International Films Highlight AFI Fest
  • North by Northwest: Art, Attitude and Activism Thrive in Regional Doc Scene
  • Taking Stock of Film Research: How to Find--and License--Archival Footage

    Unless your documentary consists entirely of...
  • Archives Alive! New Tech Makes Old Clips Easier to Access

    Documentarians and other filmmakers who rely on...
  • Where Journalism and Filmmaking Intersect: 20 Years of 'Frontline'

    In Spring 2002, news headlines announced that PBS...
  • After Travelling the World, 'Daughter from Danang' Arrives at PBS

    In the year since winning the Grand Jury Prize at...