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The 1995 IDA Documentary Awards November 1995

We honor the finalists and winners of the 11th Annual IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards.

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  • A man wearing a tie smiles at the camera, from Rob Epstein and Richard Schienchen’s 'The Times of Harvey Milk.'

    IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Awards, 1985-1994

    1994 Black Harvest Produced and Directed by Bob...
  • A man wearing glasses with a closed-lip smiles holds a gun up to his temple.

    1995 IDA Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award: Nominees

    CRUMB Producers: Lynn O'Donnell and Terry Zwigoff...
  • An older man smiles directly at the camera.

    1995 IDA Preservation and Scholarship Award: Roger Mayer

    As the president and chief operating officer of...
  • An older man wearing glasses laughs.

    1995 IDA Career Achievement Award: Marcel Ophuls

    Among the most celebrated documentary filmmakers...