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Screening the War Spring 1991

In this issue, we talk to filmmakers and critics about images that made history.

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  • Maryse Alberti shooting 'The Golden Boat' with director Raul Ruiz (right).

    Shooting from the Hip: An Interview with Cinematographer Maryse Alberti

    Almost every review I've seen of Stephanie Black'...
  • Screening the war

    Screening the War: Filmmakers & Critics on the Images That Made History

    CAROL SQUIERS Johnny Carson unerringly summed up...
  •  Ross McElwee

    Something to do with Ross McElwee

    While many documentary makers struggle to create...
  • Paris is Burning

    Burning Voices: Redefining "Realness" in Paris is Burning

    Paris Is Burning opens with a dramatic entrance...