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Facing Reality in Reeling Times Spring 2009

In this strange hybrid of hope and angst that informs this Web 2.0 world, we take stock of where we are and what we're doing to stay afloat and move forward.

Inside this Issue


  • An animated man with half a face looking at a drawing while holding a cigarette. A still from Chris Landreth's 'Ryan'. Courtesy of Chris Landreth.

    When Documentaries Get Graphic: Animation Meets Actuality

    A growing sub-genre of documentary film, the...
  • Funds from the Madding Crowd: Raising Money through the Internet

    Filmmaker Paul Devlin hates fundraising. He would...
  • Nouveau Niche Demographics: Unique Funding Models Supercede Mainstream Methods

    Chicken & Egg Pictures and Cinereach...
  • Clip Show: A Practical Guide to Fair Use

    Filmmaking is a constant struggle between...
  • Copyright or Copywrong?: 'RiP' Challenges Intellectual Property Rights

    RiP: A Remix Manifesto, the controversial new doc...
  • Capturing that Elusive Theatrical Screening: Three Films Rise to the Challenge

    New models for reaching big screen audiences.
  • 'Made in L.A.,' Funded from All Over

    Towards a Sustainable Model for Social Issue...
  • Merger Mania Strikes Nonprofits Too

    Looking at the nonprofit media arts landscape in...