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Archives Alive! Spring 2013

We take a look at certain aspects of archival footage and its role in documentary filmmaking.

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  • I Survived the Festival-Distribution-Emmy Awards Consideration Process

    Artwork for Marc Levitz' I Survived BTK ,...
  • Performers on stage

    'Hardbody' Broadway Bound: Documentary as Musical Theater

    From S.R. Bindler's Hands on a Hardbody. Courtesy...
  • Raiding the Lost Archives, Wisely and Legally: A Short Guide to Clearing Copyrighted Footage

    Documentary filmmakers who use archival materials...
  • No Longer Just Wallpaper: Archival Footage Can Inform and Shape Your Film's Story

    From Ken Burns’ The Dust Bowl . Courtesy of...
  • Finding Footage in a Foreign Land

    Don't you just love archival footage? At its best...