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Higher Learning: The Present and Future of Documentary Education Spring 2018

The issue focuses on documentary education on the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as some of the venturesome models outside of the traditional academic space. We also hear from educators about the docs they assign and the ways they engage their students.


  • Teaching Contemporary Documentary Media: Engaging Students beyond the Screen

    Student interest in college courses focusing on...
  • Required Viewing: Educators Share Their Top Five Docs for Students

    Among the early stakeholders in your documentary...
  • The MFA Considered: A Sampling of Programs that Tackle the Current Marketplace

    Can documentary filmmaking be taught? Like most...
  • The Support System: NeXt Doc Boosts Emerging Talent from Marginalized Communities

    For any young aspiring filmmaker, entering the...
  • Mapping the Documentary-Journalism Landscape: Collaborative Project Connects Filmmakers with Journalism Resources

    The line that traditionally separated documentary...