Cover of Spring 2021 issue of Documentary magazine with filmmaker kneeling on the ground, shooting a stray dog, also lying down on its side

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Spring 2021

Coming soon! Full issue launching Saturday, May 15.


  • Back of a football player facing the field, his blue helmet has a horizontal tape with BELIEVE written with sharpie.

    From Funder to Producer to Funder: The Learning Journey Continues

    Over three years ago, I wrote in this magazine...
  • Logo of Undocumented Filmmakers Collective overlaid Zoom meeting screenshot

    Undocumented but Unstoppable: The Undocumented Filmmakers Collective

    Imagine a space where filmmakers can discuss the...
  • Collage of 3 photos, each with a person standing in front of the ocean

    Practicing What You Preach: Examples of Accountable Documentary Filmmaking

    A Love Song for Latasha , the Academy Award-...

    After the Pandemic, Can a More Racially Just, Equitable Documentary Field Emerge?

    As we approach one full year living under the...