Cover of Spring 2021 issue of Documentary magazine with filmmaker kneeling on the ground, shooting a stray dog, also lying down on its side

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Members of Youth FX demonstrating in Summer 2020 in Albany, New York. Courtesy of Youth FX

Spring 2021

As we carry forward the spirit of Getting Real ‘20, building a more robust and representative world of stakeholders, the Spring 2021 issue brings you a loosely defined collection of features that addresses a range of intentionality and purpose as we consider the parameters of a post-COVID world. Maida Lynn discusses her round-trip journey from philanthropist to producer and back. Yi Chen reaches out to filmmakers, educators and thought leaders about new directors in authorship and collaboration. Kristal Sotomayor speaks to several members of the Undocumented Filmmaker Collective about their activism and outreach work. And filmmaker/activist Bhawin Suchak contemplates the post-pandemic possibilities of a more just and equitable doc field.


  • Collage of 3 photos, each with a person standing in front of the ocean

    Practicing What You Preach: Examples of Accountable Documentary Filmmaking

    A Love Song for Latasha , the Academy Award-...

    After the Pandemic, Can a More Racially Just, Equitable Documentary Field Emerge?

    As we approach one full year living under the...
  • Logo of Undocumented Filmmakers Collective overlaid Zoom meeting screenshot

    Undocumented but Unstoppable: The Undocumented Filmmakers Collective

    Imagine a space where filmmakers can discuss the...
  • Back of a football player facing the field, his blue helmet has a horizontal tape with BELIEVE written with sharpie.

    From Funder to Producer to Funder: The Learning Journey Continues

    Over three years ago, I wrote in this magazine...