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All That Glitters Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 issue spotlights one of the driving themes of Getting Real '18 (and Getting Real '16): Sustainability. Where is The Sustainability Movement now? Where is it heading? What have we accomplished? What can we do better?


  • The Documentary Sustainability Movement: A Work in Progress

    Perhaps it is not surprising that in a community...
  • Image of a 3D printed skull.

    Emotional Rescue: Addressing Well-Being in the Documentary Career

    Documentary is a challenging art form. It can...
  • Five Essential Steps to Better Pitching

    During every phase of production, documentary...
  • More Money, More Problems: 'Generation Wealth' Looks at the Dark Side of the Dream

    "Show me the money!" was Cuba Gooding Jr.'s...
  • people marching in the streets in Washington DC

    Follow the Money: Kimberly Reed Tracks the Fallout from 'Citizens United' in the State of Montana

    When the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court...